Traditional Catholic College Comes to Florida
"by Aaron Maxwell  •  •  August 21, 2016    9 Comments

GAINESVILLE, Fla. ( - A Traditional Catholic College is getting closer to opening in Florida. Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum is set to start offering courses in the Fall of 2019. The college will provide formation to live life devoted to God in the traditional ways of the Catholic Church.

Deacon Edward Schaefer and a group of faithful Catholics started making plans for the opening of Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum last year and have so far made excellent progress. The group has been approved as a non-profit organization, created a solid business plan, compiled 90 percent of the curriculum, adopted a formal logo and employed someone to begin getting their state-approved and regional accreditation in the state of Florida.

Deacon Schaefer told, "We have had nothing but enthusiasm for the college. This is an idea whose time has come: an enormous void in the pastoral mission of the Church that must be filled, and we will fill it.""

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