Clarity on the rules while praying the Little Office of the BVM
(01-30-2018, 03:36 AM)AndreasIosephus Wrote: ✟PAX DOMINUS VOBISCUM...! ✟

Is it necessary to pray all the Offices of the Hours...? I'm finding it difficult due to my irregular sleep pattern...

Thanks in advance... :)
In order to fulfill the requirements for enrollment in the Scapular, technically you do, but, whilst it is preferable to say the Hours at their appointed time, it is acceptable to say them in groups, or even all at once straight through. I recite both the Roman Breviary and the Little Office, and, I too, have irregular sleeping habits. I usually say Matins and Lauds together, Prime a bit later, then Terce, Sext and None together, Vespers later, and Compline shortly before bed.
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