Missing my boyfriend terribly
I need to move out. We were going to wait and try to get my family's blessing, but I'm completely worn out. Home drama and missing my boyfriend are really messing me up right now.
I can sympathize!  I still live with my mother and stepfather, and I am scouring the local area for open places to live.  My fiancee and I are getting married this June, and believe you me I am ready to go! Prayers for you, your boyfriend and family.
Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos, o Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for thou hast borne the Saviour and the Redeemer of our souls!

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God's love is manifest in the landscape as in a face.  - John Muir

I want creation to penetrate you with so much admiration that wherever you go, the least plant may bring you clear remembrance of the Creator.  A single plant, a blade of grass, or one speck of dust is sufficient to occupy all your intelligence in beholding the art with which it has been made  - Saint Basil

Heaven is under our feet, as well as over our heads. - Thoreau, Walden

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