Why Are Fried Foods Bad For You?
I think I'm getting an air-fryer for Christmas. Lol, my husband always gets me gifts he wants me to use--for him!!!
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(12-14-2018, 10:24 AM)JacafamalaRedux Wrote: I think I'm getting an air-fryer for Christmas. Lol, my husband always gets me gifts he wants me to use--for him!!!
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Fancy oils are too expensive to use with any regularity. When you fry you need a good amount of oil so that the food actually gets covered. You can't deep fry with olive oil, the smoke point is too low. Deep frying usually requires temperatures of around 375°. Even shallow frying some chicken cutlets with olive oil can lead to a burnt and smoky mess if you're not careful with regulating the temperature. I've been using peanut oil as a replacement for vegetable oil. May not be on the list of healthy oils, but it's still way better than using the soybean nonsense. When it comes to deep frying, the only oils that are in the affordable range that the average person can stomach using large quantities of are either vegetable, canola, and on the more expensive side peanut. Just doing a quick search I can buy at canola & vegetable oil for about $4/gallon at BJs. Peanut oil I found at walmart & home depot for around $10/gal, unfortunately I think the bulk clubs only have it around Thanksgiving so I'm not sure if it's a bit cheaper there (can't remember). Compare that to most of these other healthy oils and it doesn't come close.

I've been typically using two oils, regular olive for most cooking and peanut for frying. I also don't find extra virgin to be very useful in cooking anyway. It's way more expensive vs. regular olive oil and the flavor isn't as strong as when it's uncooked anyway. EVOO is best when you're eating it uncooked as a dressing, for dipping, and other such things. Even there, it depends on what the application is. For certain foods the olive taste may be too overpowering so regular olive oil may be better.
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