“The Dictator Pope”: Mysterious New Book Looks “Behind the Mask” of Francis
Important, relevant Truths simply have to be told. Prudence here is the KEY, as it it when dealing with the power of certain Jewish lobbying groups, and the realities of the post-Temple religion. These things must be talked about.
But I lament the lack of sensitivity and an awareness of "how things'd play in Peoria", an understanding of the importance of how HOW one says things -- the words used, the emphasis given, ways of putting things that'd stave off cognitive dissonance or almost reflexive reactions and mental associations. E.g., there's a huge difference between, say, talking about "AIPAC, the ADL, and many Jewish leaders" and "the Jews" --- even though it's perfectly OK by most people to speak of "Catholics" or "Muslims" or "the British" as groups, and even though that fact "isn't fair." That is just the reality of the world we live in, given media power. You either play the hand you're dealt correctly, or you lose. That's poker.
And it's the same sort of thing here, with Francis. The Truth about his irascible power-mongering and lack of respect for Truth, doctrine, the liturgy, and faithful Catholics has to be spoken of and dealt with. There's just a way to do it, and a way not to do it, and context matters (e.g., I'd speak of all this differently here than I would at CAF, for ex. -- ha, not that I'd go to CAF, but you get the point). You play a poker hand differently against weak players than you would strong players (at least you do if you know what you're doing), and it's that way in real life when it comes to spreading ideas.

(The above is one my of biggest peeves about running a forum. So many who are aware of what AIPAC and the ADL are up to, and what post-Temple Judaism actually is, lack all prudence when talking about it -- and defeat the very purpose of this place with their imprudent writings. Awareness and talk about all that sort of thing is, given our conditioning in the West, almost reflexively associated with Nazism -- and, of course, some who hold such ideas are actually Nazis. Those are facts, but Nazism and Catholicism are completely incompatible. True ethnic hatred or any form of true racism is not wanted here. Exquisite prudence and true charity for all are imperative when talking about anything involving ethnic groups, racial differences and tensions, and post-Temple Judaism.)
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