Correlation between Meyers-Briggs and type of traditionalism?
(12-03-2017, 11:19 AM)BobR67 Wrote: Not sure how to describe myself. I live in the middle of nowhere Ohio. I try to follow the traditional practices of the Catholic Faith. FE, has been my savior.

The TLM is over an hour away, I do attend a Byzantine Catholc Devine Liturgy once a month, it's about 45 minutes away. My local parish is about a 10 minute walk. I do attend daily mass at the local parish, the priest does a pretty good job. Also I go to Eucharistic adoration on Fridays.

I have tried to find traditionally minded Catholics in the parish, I have had no luck. So I am basically a loner, like a desert monk. My wife thinks Im crazy. She is a fallen away Catholic.
Pax et Bonum!  Like most, you are doing the best you can given the circumstances - which you yourself did not create!  Keep all your concerns in prayer offering it to God who is watching all of it.....angeltime :pray2:
I was categorized to INFJ.
Unfortunately I don't have any "fun facts" about me unless being a practicing Catholic counts.

Trying to get better every day week.
(12-03-2017, 02:29 AM)Gjovan66102 Wrote:
(12-03-2017, 12:15 AM)Smiley Wrote: I am forced to go to NO Masses once a month due to my being a reader. 
Not to derail, but I'm curious. Are you an Instituted Lector under the Code of Canon Law or just a 'reader'? Until the faeces hit the artificial wind making machine today, I had been thinking of applying to be and Instituted Lector or Acolyte (Yes! We have them here in the Diocese of Lincoln.)

I'm honestly not sure. I signed up at the parish office and they give me a book every time they release a new years readings.
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I sometimes come up as ISTJ, sometimes as INTJ. I used to be very much for SSPX, but their canonical status started bothering me and now I'm at a loss what to do. An FSSP priest says a mass maybe once a month in a church that's almost an hour away. I don't go to the local NO mostly because I'm lazy and I feel uneasy there.
(12-03-2017, 03:49 PM)Smiley Wrote: I'm honestly not sure. I signed up at the parish office and they give me a book every time they release a new years readings.

You're probably just a reader then. If you were an Instituted Lector, I think you would remember the ceremony when the Bishop commissioned you to the ministry! :LOL:
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Well whadda you know? I've been wrong this whole time! I just took the Myers Briggs test again and I'm actually an ENFP - A. The description of this type sounds way more like me.
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