Thoughts on demon-slaying games like DOOM?
I'm frankly a little torn on this topic, so I want to know what others think.  It's not a high stakes question because I don't plan on playing it either way, but what are your thoughts on the sinfulness of playing DOOM?

It is a long running game series, and the most recent title came out about a year ago.  It is an incredibly violent series with lots of satanic imagery; however, the entire point of the game is that you are murdering demons.  The plot of the games always revolves around a portal from Hell opening, and you, the hero (sometimes with the implication that you are acting as a soldier of God) have to murder all the demons and go to Hell to then murder Satan and close the portal.  Those are the broad strokes.

So is it wrong or potentially dangerous to play a game like this?  Part of me thinks that the unambiguous demon-slaying is fine, but the prevalence of satanic imagery keeps me away, regardless of whether it's portrayed as "bad" or not.
I think video games in general have been the scapegoat for a long time, and for the most part, I find it unhelpful and unnecessary.

If the video game is grotesque or lewd (so anything with disturbing levels of violence or graphic sexual content), I think it should be avoided. We should look at the content of a game on a case-by-case basis, not sweep all video games under the rug as being bad. You can't take the family-friendly Mario series and put it on the same level as Grand Theft Auto. A person creating pretty buildings on Minecraft is not going to face repercussions like someone likely would by playing Manhunt. If the game takes a psychological toll, that isn't good. If they are addictive, proper time management needs to be employed.
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I played the original Doom games as a kid. Didn't really have any effect on me. I think with any games it comes down to the temperament of the person and how they react to such imagery. If seeing these things causes you distress then stay away. I'd say if you were doing the opposite (say killing angels or playing as a demon) it may be a different matter.
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There's been no evidence to support claims that violence and imagery in games can influence people to do something that they wouldn't otherwise do. That myth has been debunked over and over again but it's been perpetuated by the media because it attracts viewrs.

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