20 Year Old Trad Man Looking for a Young Trad Woman
I'm a young traditional Catholic and I'm looking for a young traditional Catholic lady with the same values and similar interests.   :)

Name: Jared Soltis

Sex: Male

Birthdate and age as of posting date: September 12th 1997. I'm 20 at the moment.

Location: Woodbury Connecticut

Would you relocate if you met the right person?: Yes

Basic physical description: Average

Do you have any children?: No

EF, SSPX, both, or other?: SSPX, EF, FSSP, ICK. No independent.

Do you or would you attend the Novus Ordo if that's all that's available to you?: Yes, but I'd consider driving to a TLM.

Patron Saint by Confirmation: Saint Hubertus. Patron of hunters and forest workers.

Did you grow up Catholic? Did you grow up as a traditionalist? Did you convert later in life?: I was raised by two people who were raised nominally Catholic, and as what was likely a result of their poor Catechism, fell away from the One True Church well before I was even born. I converted to the One True Faith from superstitious agnosticism and Atheism officially (Baptized & Confirmed) when I was 18. I did start going to Mass over a year before I was Baptized and Confirmed.

Introvert or extrovert?: Quite the Extrovert. I LOVE talking to people! 

Keirsey personality type, if known: No idea. Myers Briggs is ENFP type A I think and a temperament quiz on Catholic Match (which is a pretty useless website I might add) said I'm mostly Sanguine with a little bit of Choleric

Ethnic heritage: I'm 37% Italian, 25% Polish, 25% Slovak, and 12% English. I'm an all American mutt.  :P

Is meeting someone of like ethnicity very important to you, just a bonus, or unimportant?: Its not important at all. I'm not being racist here when I say this, but I just am not capable of being attracted to Asians for some reason. No offense intended! 

Is there an ideal age range for the person you'd like to marry? How important is this?: I'd say 18-22 is what I'd do. Id feel weird being with someone who is way older than me.

In what manner do you interpret the Church's approval of NFP?: I don't know enough about it to say anything worthwhile.

What would headship of the husband look like in your ideal home?: I don't know. I hate being a leader because I don't like being bossy. I'd say that the man should guide everyone to Heaven and it falls on him to correct all the spiritual errors that his family may have fallen into.

What do you think and how do you feel about women working outside the home?: I have no problem with it. Whatever she wants.

If you were married, how would you want finances handled in your home? (who'd make the money; who'd handle the paying of the bills; would there be separate and/or joint bank accounts; if the wife is a stay at home mother, would she have money of her own to manage, etc.?: I'd try to take the chores. I would want to make everyone else's life easier. I doubt I'd make enough money (looking to become a cop), so whatever is needed to support us would be best. I'm fine eating a very small bowl of cornflakes for breakfast lunch and dinner if we needed the money.

Can you handle the idea of dating and marrying someone who may have lived a not-so-moral lifestyle before conversion?: As long as they are NOW a devout traditional Catholic I'd be fine.

Is someone's not being a virgin a "deal-breaker" for you?: As long as they got no STDs I wouldn't care.

Of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, anger, envy), which is/are the most challenging for you?: It's hard, but I guess lust would have to be #1.

What would others say are your best qualities?: People always say that I'm smiling and bring them joy. People also enjoy my accordion music and digital art.

What would others say are your annoying habits or bothersome attributes?: I often talk too much and I often like to tell corny jokes.

What are the most important things you desire in a spouse?: The most important thing is that they are at least an equally devout and traditional Catholic as I am. The second most important thing is that we share the same interests (music, art, hobbies, etc) but if we don't it's not a deal breaker.

Things you absolutely would not tolerate in a potential spouse: If they don't follow what the Church says in any matter then it would be a deal breaker. As previously stated, I will not go out with anyone who isn't a devout traditional Catholic.

What, if anything, have you learned from past relationships with the opposite sex?: I've never dated, but I find that women are much gentler than men in general. 

Political ideals: Ultra Conservative

Education: Hokeschooled from 2nd grade to graduation. Currently attending Naugatuck Valley Community College for computers.

Employment: Cashier, stock/gas, and accordionist at the Sunnyridge Supermarket in Bethlehem Ct.

Health: Pretty good

Allergies: Spring allergies are the worst

Smoke?: I used to vape on a regular basis and smoke traditional tobacco products occasionally. I quit cold turkey in October, but I got really stressed out around a trad girl I had a crush on so I smoked two cigarettes in mid November. Last week I started vaping again for a bit out of sheer boredom. As I aspire to become a cop I want to quit for good, but I enjoy smoking and vaping. I'd enjoy the company of a trad lady more though.

Drink?: Never

Night owl or morning lark?: A little bit of both, but I'm more of a super early bird.

How messy or disorganized are you?: I'm pretty messy, but that's partially because I enjoy collecting old stuff.

What makes you laugh?: It's hard. I often feign laughter because jokes don't make me really laugh. I hate to say this but the only thing that actually makes me laugh is those little mistakes that are made in very serious situations (I.e. Classes, courtroom, etc.)

What are the little things that please or delight you?: Just talking to people. I love talking, and I love hearing!

What would you like to be doing in 10 years ideally?: I don't know. I hope to either be a priest or married with kids.

If you continue on your present course and don't meet the person of your dreams, what do you think you likely will be doing  given your gifts and goals?: I'll probably become a priest, or I'll try to become a full time musician and keep my job at the supermarket.

Intellectual interests: History.

Hobbies: Playing the accordion and piano, making digital art, making bolo ties, making bow ties, collecting vintage items and clothes, bowling, and golfing.

Talents: God has blessed me with the skills to play the accordion, make digital art, and to get along with people really easily.

Top 5 Favorite books of all time: The Bible, the Baltimore Catechism, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The last 5 books you read (don't lie!). Are these books typical of you?: Same three as above. I'm not really a reader. Also throw some boring textbooks in there.

Music you actually listen to most often: As a musician I appreciate all music genres. I do have favorites, those being traditional folk music, polkas, waltzes, easy listening, marching band music, swing, and gospel to name a few.

Favorite movies/TV shows: I don't really watch TV or movies.

Favorite foods: Anything that won't give me worms and isn't chocolate.

Do you follow any specific food regimen (e.g., gluten-free, no-carb, vegetarianism, etc.)?: Nope. I'm a carnivorous gluten-eater.

Serious pet peeves: Liberalism and modernism

Pets you have, pets you desire, pets you'd put up with, pets you won't tolerate at all: I have no pets. My mother is allergic to dogs and cats. I wouldn't mind having a dog.

Idea of a romantic evening: I don't know. Whatever she wants.

What is your "love language" -- i.e., what makes you feel most loved and appreciated: Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, or something else?: I'd be fine just spending time with her.

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