An Open Note to Dr. Jordan Peterson
As someone who moved left to right and non-white I find all this "I'm white and I need to understand more" to even "white guilt" I find all this rather sickening as well as somewhat pathetic. There have been a couple of times where a female, white, stated that due to her skin color she needs to try hard to empathize ( this would make more sense if there is a significant difference in SES), and in my field a law professor said the founders of America didn't take into factor those who weren't like them (non-whites, women) and their needs (education, "equality") because they were privileged white men. Seriously? Those privileged white men founded the greatest mother effin' country the world has ever seen. But hey, Canada is nice and Sweden has "free" healthcare. What's ironic is that Canada and Sweden are more racially and ethnically homogenous than America.  Just don't tell the liberals that.
Unfortunately I don't have any "fun facts" about me unless being a practicing Catholic counts.

Trying to get better every day week.

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