Suggestions for a Catholic Icon
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I would like some ideas with regards to a Catholic icon that I would like to place on the top-most shelf of my study enclosed inside a table-top frame... I admire a lot of icons and images but am thoroughly confused...

Suggestions, please....! Thanks in advance...!  Smile
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Im no iconography expert but I would suggest an icon of Mary and the child Jesus or perhaps your patron saint for a start.

There's plenty of people here with more of an Eastern bent who I'm sure can help.
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I have several, but my 2 favorites are Christ Pantocrator and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I keep one of each on my desk at work, and on the wall at home.
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I have always really enjoyed this icon.  I always thought Our Lady looks so royal and majestic and yet so humble.  I keep this one above my bed.
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