Saint Nicholas' face revealed
From the BBC:

[Image: saintnicholas.jpg]
The portrait includes the saint's severely broken nose, which healed asymmetrically

Father Christmas: Saint Nicholas' face revealed
December, 2014

The "most realistic" portrait of the saint who became Santa Claus has been produced at a Liverpool university.

Saint Nicholas was a 4th Century bishop who liked to give gifts secretly. His relics lie in Bari Cathedral in Italy.

The image of him has been created using a facial reconstruction system and 3D interactive technology by Liverpool John Moores University's Face Lab.

Professor Caroline Wilkinson said it was based on "all the skeletal and historical material" available.

The saint, who died in 343, was the Greek bishop of Myra. The town, now known as Demre, lies on the southern coast of Turkey.

He was said to have left secret gifts, such as putting coins in shoes that were left out for him, leading him to be the model for Father Christmas.

A spokeswoman for the university said the new depiction uses "the most up-to-date anatomical standards, Turkish tissue depth data and CGI techniques".

It also includes Saint Nicholas' severely broken nose, which she said had "healed asymmetrically, giving him a characteristic nose and rugged facial appearance".

Revealing the portrait on the saint's feast day, 6 December, Prof Wilkinson said it was "thrilling to be able to show the face of this famous bishop".
  • Born in 270 in the then-Greek town of Patara, he travelled to Palestine and Egypt, before returning to become bishop of Myra

  • Imprisoned during the reign of Roman emperor Diocletian, but later released by his successor Constantine

  • After his death in 343AD, his burial site by his church in Myra became a shrine

  • Sailors stole his remains in 1087 and took them back to Bari, where they remain enshrined
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So, I just copied your post of it!
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Through this same scientific method, the face of Mary Magdalene who died in France after she spent many years in a grotto near Marseille, was recently drawn from her skull kept in Saint Maximin's Basilica.
Dr Mark Dooley, a traditional Catholic, wrote the following, and more,  in the Daily Mail December 6th:

"Today is the feast of St Nicholas of Myra, otherwise known as Santa Clause.  He died on this day in 343 and is buried in JERPOINT ABBY in CO KILKENNY, IRELAND. Isn't is astonishing that the mortal remains of Father Christmas rests here in Ireland.

Renowned for his charity, especially to children. St Nicholaus symboliseas all that we shouild aspire to be in these sacred days. And yet, only recently, a Catholic priest hit the headlines for suggesting that we should drop the word 'Christmas.' 'We need to let it go,' said Fr Desmond O'Connell, because it's already hijacked and we just need to recognise and accept that.'

Yes, it has been hijacked by a seculart society that identifies Christmas with 'Santa and the reindeer.' The philosopher Roger Scruton calls it the 'Disneyfication of faith.' We take the mosrt sacred features of our religion and commercialise them.

Poor old St Nicholaus is, perhaps the greatest victim of this process.

I have seen avowed atheists weep during the Christmas Vigil. For that is the miracle of Christmas. Our world was touched by love, and even if we reject all the rest we can't repudiate that. It may only be for a day or even a week, but it is the one time in the year that we give generously of ourselves and our time."

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