Pope Seeks to Change the "Lord's Prayer"
(12-07-2017, 03:13 PM)SaintSebastian Wrote: The wording he is proposing is how the Church has always understood the meaning, but why not just remind people that is what is meant, rather than changing the words as they have been handed down?

Because this way, he's changing the very words of Our Blessed Lord in Holy Scripture, at least as the Church has received them from St Jerome's translation, and the Anglophone Church from the Rheims New Testament!

Quote:The Gospel Arccording to St Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse13
et ne inducas nos in temptationem sed libera nos a malo (St Jerome's Vulgate)

And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. (Challoner Revision of the [b]Douai-Rheims)[/b]

I've been saying for years that those who want to destroy the Church (HAH! Good luck with that!), like Francis, have adopted a tactic from the Trotskyite communists, the concept of 'permanent revolution'. Keep the revolution going with new prayers, new translations of the Liturgy, new devotions, etc., so that the Faithful find it more and more difficult to discern the True Divine and Catholic Faith amid the revolutionary verbiage.
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