Help finding a Spiritual Director
(12-10-2017, 03:31 PM)MaryLover Wrote: Hello,
I'm currently saying a rosary novena for a good spiritual director. When I finish my rosary, I plan on contacting my diocese and asking for a director, however I'm not sure who to contact specifically at the diocese for a spiritual director, who do I contact?

Also, any advice on what to look for in a spiritual director would be very appreciated.
Peace.....there is usually a special connection between you and the spiritual director such as "God's providence" so you will be led by the spirit.  Sometimes attending a retreat or event where the speaker being a priest/sister can suddenly connect and you just "know" this is the person who can help guide you.  On the other hand, I have known people who telephone a specific Order they are acquainted with or have respect for, and ask if anyone is providing spiritual direction - this could be Dominican, Franciscan, Jesuit, Carmelite and of course the very Traditional Orders and various women's Orders.  Directors are a little more difficult to find these days, however entering into prayer first with Adoration is a good start.....hope this helps!  Blessings, angeltime

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