What would the Gentleman do?
Without divulging too much information about myself:  I am a 43 year old Catholic man who has been attending TLM for coming up on 5 years.  Lived a promiscuous life before returning to the church, but reverted with fervor after my father's passing.  Never married, no kids.

I've been looking for a suitable lady for some time, but the eligible bachelorettes at my parish are simply too young for me or are still considering religious life.

I went on a day trip to a monastery with my pastor last week, and he introduced me to a family who has attachment to the monastery.  We (myself, the priest, and they a family of 11) spent a relaxing couple of hours together over a light dinner and a fire.  We all then attended I Vespers of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (which was a solemn ceremony, quite something) at the monastery. We again visited at the guest inn before my pastor and I left.  The family has 3 religious vocations at this time, one professed and two discerning.

It was a wonderful visit and a charming family.  I actually like the dad and everyone was very nice.

Two of the daughters were within my desired age range, eligible, and oblates of the monastery.  I found both of them quite attractive with high decorum, and pleasant to talk to.  I found myself more physically attracted to the older one, but made far more eye contact with the younger one.

I had planned to sending the family a Christmas card to express my well wishes.  Of course, I only have their mailing address... do I write the ladies, or do I ask the father for permission first?  The eligible ladies are both over 30.

Heck of a problem to have, eh?  ;)

I welcome thoughts and opinions, but keep your chastisement to yourself.

Pax Domini

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