Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-15-2017, 08:34 AM)cassini Wrote:
(12-14-2017, 09:01 PM)Eric F Wrote: Disgusting ! The naked man actually look's more homo-erotic than starving, I mean seriously a naked man so weak from starving that he can't get up, but yet he has washboard abs ?

Well said Eric, if that guy is starving then maybe he is on a fast and they should leave him alone and stop stuffing him with the riches they enjoy in the Vatican these days. Their coffers must be bursting with the proceeds of church property and lands being sold off as redundant all over the world.

Of all the starving images I have seen over the years I have never seen one naked. It is an insult to the Holy Family and to the starving around the world.

The naked guy is depicting "clothe the naked," not "feed the hungry" act of corporal mercy. So there's that, I reckon...

SaintSebastian Wrote:This is a great example of how simply departing from traditional forms can unnecessarily disturb or scandalize the faithful and give the wrong idea, even when the intentions can be good and when there is really nothing per se wrong with the new form.

In this case, Christ is in the center (it looks like the exact center of all the human figures).  Furthermore, according to the description of the General Judgment in Scripture, an important way we must serve Christ is through these works--and the necessity of these works was part of the New Law He came into this world to promulgate for our salvation.  I don't see anything per se wrong (not to mention sacrilegious) with their juxtaposition with the Nativity, but the novelty of it is jarring (and the context of the rest of the current pontificate also doesn't help!).
The figurines of Holy Family may be at the center geometrically, but artistically they're barely there. It isn't that the acts of mercy are depicted (Italian creches have entire villages depicted sometimes), it's that thematically, artistically, visually, Christ is rendered unimportant. The scene doesn't make one think of the Nativity; it's a mess on many levels. I mean, for crying  out loud, even the THREE KINGS aren't focused on Christ; they're focused on naked guy.

And yeah, there's the departing from the traditional form for no good reason. Again. Gets old.
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