Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
What I'm finding quite surprising is the relative silence in the Catholic Press and the Catholic 'blogosphere' on this abomination. I follow The Remnant and a number of Traditional blogs, and with one exception, no one has mentioned it. The one Exception is Fr Ray Blake' Blog, and he's not nearly as upset as I thought he would be, or as I am. 

He does however have one trenchant remark, from another (unattributed) blog (my emphasis):

Quote:A more real concern, which one blogger highlighted was the 'clothing the naked' scene, he highlighted it with the caption, "I was at Cocco's (Cardinal Cocopalmero) place partying and the next thing I woke up here", The naked figure does indeed look more like someone from a gay gym or party, rather than an emaciated beggar forced to sell even his clothing, which is unfortunate in the Roman Church which is torn by gay scandals and homo-eroticism.
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