Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-21-2017, 01:05 AM)Dominicus Wrote: Once again, what makes an obelisk dedicated to pagan gods different from a temple dedicated to pagan gods? Or how about a pillar taken from a temple dedicated to pagan gods?

That was my thought process as well. In one instance a pagan object has been repurposed for use by the Church it's OK, in another instance it's not.

(12-20-2017, 05:14 PM)cassini Wrote:  The obelisk and heliocentric markings in St Peter's square now represent contempt for of the anti-heliocentric decree of Pope Paul V who defined its symbolism it as formal heresy contrary to the Scriptures and all the Fathers.

And if anyone thinks it ends there they are mistaken. The way popes and churchmen fell for the heliocentrism of the pagan gods depicted in St Peter's Square would bring shame on Catholicism, and the way they wormed their way out of that 1616 decree and into the Modernism that has destroyed the Catholic Church since 1835 would never have been believed had the records been kept hidden in the secret archives. But the truth outs, it always does.


Yet other popes have decreed heliocentrism to be valid, based off scientific evidence obtained by using our divinely gifted intellect. As the idea that the sun is the center of the universe contradicts none of the fundamental tenets of the Faith, i.e. one God, Christ is His Son, how does one choose which pope to listen to?
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