Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-21-2017, 04:26 PM)Dominicus Wrote: So in other words the real reason you are so vehemently attacking a piece of rock is because it offends your geocentric ideals. Good grief. 

What matters isn't the physical relation between sun and earth. Ultimately are you looking towards the earthly sun or the Sun of Justice?

And I thought I had made myself clear and could rest the matter!

OK then, let me put it to you again. The idea of this particulart phallic emblem - and I can be more explicit if you like - of a biblical condemned paganism in the heart of the place Catholicism chose to operate its Church from, appalls me.

What matters is what it represents and no amount of 'christianising' changes that. If I was in charge I would do as the 'heretic's' scriptural reference said, knock the thing into pieces and replace it with Christ on the cross.

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