Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-24-2017, 03:51 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: Well, as the LifeSiteNews article I linked above shows, this display does have disturbing connections to the Italian LGBTXYZ%$# movement. And, of course, this just happened as well, Vatican Hires LGBT Activist Company to Create and Run New Internet News Platform.

Here's something even more horrifying.

Quote:This year’s Christmas crèche also features a reproduction of the ancient and beautiful icon of Our Lady of Montevergine. The original icon, housed in a chapel of the mountain shrine, measures 12 feet high and six feet wide, and depicts the Blessed Virgin seated on a throne with the divine Infant Jesus seated on her lap.

[Image: Our_Lady_of_Montevergine_Icon_-_1_645_430_55.JPG]

Our Lady of Montevergine has a particular significance for homosexuals and transgenders in Italy.  According to a legend, Our Lady of Montevergine saved two homosexuals from death in the winter of 1256. The couple had been beaten and driven by night from their city and brought to the mountain where they were tied to a tree and left to die of the cold or be eaten by wolves. According to the legend, Our Lady of Montevergine had pity on them and ‘miraculously’ freed them [What's not mentioned is Montevergine used to be a place for pagan worship where eunich pagan-priests would dress up in women's clothes and sodomize each other]. In 2017, La Repubblica called it “the progressive miracle of a gay friendly Madonna.”

More commonly, she is known as the mother “who grants everything and forgives everything.”

Sorry I didn't post it last night; was too tired to write.  This folks, this is why it is blasphemous and downright evil.  I would rejoice if local Italian Catholics mustered up the courage to tear down that evil monstrosity.
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