The Magi, Flight Into Egypt,Massacre Of The Innocents, etc
The really fascinating subjects for this Christmas season.   Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents, in which somewhere between 6 and 300.000 infants two and under were massacred by orders of King Herod. More than likely, the lower figure is closer, with the actual number being more likely between 25 and 50.
I can't imagine that 300,000 would be anywhere close to a real number (unless it's 300?). The largest cities in the world at the time would have been lucky to even have 300K people.

I can see 300 being a realistic number, although apparently Bethlehem's population at the time was so small that even 300 would have been 1/3 of the city. So likely, smaller amounts would make more sense. Scripture doesn't make much mention of quantity and there's also no good documentation for it outside of scripture, since what kingdom would keep record of such a horrific thing? It is said that many of Herod atrocities were recorded, but let's be honest, at that time the murder of let's say 20 peasant children would have probably never made a blip on the radar of anyone outside of the city where it occurred.
Blood of Christ, relief of the burdened, save us.

“It is my design to die in the brew house; let ale be placed in my mouth when I am expiring, that when the choirs of angels come, they may say, “Be God propitious to this drinker.” – St. Columbanus, A.D. 612

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