Photos of the spherical earth from space vehicles we have launched into space
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(01-03-2018, 07:17 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: This video from NASA says that they don't have the technology to go through the Van Allen belts:

That's not what he said. He said it was a challenge, and to add, just as it is now it was back in the 60s. He said there is shielding, just as there was in the 60s, only improved. The precautions they took back in the 60s included adjusting launch times and trajectories to find the weakest parts of the fields they were to penetrate. They will do so with teh Orion craft as well, but be MORE protected. The speaker was using a bit of sarcasm or even a tad of some poorly applied dramatic license as he spoke...cheesy even, but like most scientists, they aren't good public speakers, generally. They guy who made the video used a 'snippet' of a much longer video. This technique is often used to create an improper idea from a credible source. Look again at the graph in the data I posted on the Van Allen belt. The belt is not such a big thing in small, short doses; like passing through in a shielded space vehicle. Like getting a few CT Scans worth of radiation.

Thanks, but I'm still wondering about Astronaut Petit in the video I posted before stating that they can't go back to the moon because they destroyed the technology and it would be too difficult to recreate.

Also, the story about losing all the telemetry tapes of the original moon landing.

It's hard to believe NASA wouldn't do a better job at housekeeping isn't it?

Well, there is the Orion project that will be able to take us back to the Moon and perhaps Mars. It is in its final testing stages and may do an unmanned flyby and return to the Moon in coming months. But then, that's 'known' technology techniques. Full disclosure of our true capabilities could come under President Trump. We shall see...

Some have said (including some astronauts, like Edward Mitchell) that the reason that all the old technologies were 'lost' or destroyed was because we were 'told' by those already on the Moon not to come back. The astronauts can be heard talking on side channels, that never were released (but were monitored by HAM radio people with gear capable of hearing them) publicly, about vehicles watching them as they preformed their maneuvers on the Moon, in huge craft.

Do you remember when the astronauts came around from the far side of the Moon on Christmas day for the very first time? They said "Tell Dorothy that there is a Santa Claus". That was code-speak for that there are aliens on the far side of the Moon. There were structures and vehicles visible, even as they were exploring the surface in later missions. This is the reason that the pictures (and video) they took were of such poor quality, even for the limitations of the times. The Hasselblad cameras that the astronauts used on the mission, took exceptionally sharp photos, but they were heavily censored when released to the public, mainly because of what they would reveal in this regard.

Remember, the 60s were a VERY paranoid time in the US. Russia was a HUGE threat, with the Cuban Missile Crisis fresh in everyone's mind. This would be too much to dump on an already very amped up populace and it was squelched.
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