Church Militant
Peace.....Good video on Church Militant announcing Year of the Gay 2018 by Michael Vorris and news about Cambodia getting their Cathedral back!!  Lovely picture of an old Cathedral.....God bless, angeltime
"Lay people are gonna have to be the ones to call this out and demand change - and withhold your money which helps fuel this gay juggernaut. After all - it’s your young men that this whole movement wants - your sons and grandsons. It wants them not only for sex, but also to accept and welcome homosexuality as something perfectly fine - it wants their intellects deadened against it so all manner of evil can be accepted as well.  It’s been subtle - sort of - up to now. But wait for the lid to blow off all this in 2018.  The leadership of the Church in America is unable to respond because too much of the leadership is either threatened by this homomafia - or are actually gay themselves.  And if you think the gay mafia which runs the Vatican right now is gonna’ be of any help - well just remember the so-called Nativity scene - where the Holy Family was almost an afterthought."  (emphasis mine)

He's correct, absolutely and unequivocally.

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