Anyone a question for an ex-mink farmer?
(01-10-2018, 02:55 PM)Jeeter Wrote: I'll bite.

1) Have you come across any sane animal rights groups?  By sane, I mean they acknowledge that animals have a role, pets or food for example, but solely want to see animals treated humanely.  The type who has no problem with eating beef, but is against leaving a dog outside in sub-freezing or roasting temperatures.

2) Is it true that tofu tastes like crap because it wasn't tested on lab mice?

As a mink farmer I have defended myself on radio and even television. There are two kinds of objectors, those accusing the farmer of cruelty, and those who call themselves ‘animal-rights’ people. The former I had no problems with as who is not against animal cruelty. I could only assure such people that farming mink was not ‘cruel’ as they did not suffer in any way. I could not have been a mink farmer if there was cruelty involved.

 The other lot are different as they think animals have as much rights as human beings. I have picketed them when they picketed a fur-shop and got to speak to them often. They are all of the opinion man is an animal, no different to any other animal. They are usually paid by their organisation who get all the money that animal cruelty groups should be getting. They are the type that have rings in their noses and are brainwashed. 

No idea about tofu Jeester, I know I wouldn't eat it even if it was tested.  

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