Anyone a question for an ex-mink farmer?
(01-12-2018, 10:01 AM)Zubr Wrote: Hey cassini -- you are the perfect person for my questions! Thanks for this opportunity.

I recently received a white mink coat. So, I know in nature, mink just come in brown but farmed mink have mutations that bring a variety of colours. Do mink farmers actively breed for these mutations or are various shades less desired than the typical browns? Did you often get a variety of colours? Is there a colour that fetches the most for pelts?

Hi Zubur, before I answer Melkite's post I will answer yours.

As far as I know, colour mutations were isolated and bred together from early 20th century. The range of colours I bred included light, dark and medium brown all called pastels, silverblue and sapphire, beige, pearl, black and white.

In my day the light sky-blue sapphire were the most expensive. Jet black was probably the next dearest with all the others coming in equally.

White mink were rare enough in Irish mink farms. However, there is one farm in Donegal, Ireland that has 10,000 white breeding females providing up to 40,000 white skins as year. Since China came into the mink coat market the prices have gone sky high and demand for beautiful white coats also.

I have photos of Sven holding a large male white mink but I do not know how to post them.
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