Francis awards pro-abortion, pro lgbt politician
(01-14-2018, 04:46 AM)MagisterMusicae Wrote:
(01-13-2018, 07:43 AM)austenbosten Wrote: Congratulations to Pope Francis for effectively destroying any credibility the hyper-montanists had!

Does that make them now mega-montanists, soon to be meta-montanists, then ultimately lydian-montanists?

(Sorry, terrible music-theory joke)

Considering how dissonant they are, they would probably be locrian-montanists.  The devil's tone is definitely a defining feature of theirs.  ;)
My word choices are based on sound, not meaning.

Yes, that defeats the purpose of language.
So did he just excommunicate himself by promoting abortion???
(01-14-2018, 04:23 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: So did he just excommunicate himself by promoting abortion???

Who am I to judge? :LOL: 'The First See is judged by no one'.
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Dutch abortion activist: Pope Francis honoring me is a ‘confirmation’ of my abortion work

                                             From the article

 BNR – Do you see it as confirmation of what you are doing for girls and women, for abortion?
Ploumen – Yes, that, and also, the last couple of years I invested a lot of time in establishing contacts with the Vatican.
BNR – Lobbying?
Ploumen – Yes, Lobbying.  Especially since the Vatican, mainly with the previous popes, were very rigid when it comes to women’s rights.  And that is not going to change in the short term, but perhaps there are some areas in which we can work together, and that is what I tried.  For example, the Church is also against child marriages.  For us, it may seem strange, but in a lot of countries, the Church has a strong influence.  So, if a bishop can say that it is not a good idea to force a 14-year-old to marry, then that may help.  For example, there is a bishop in Uganda who spoke out against homosexuality.  Then the Vatican said, ‘Okay, we are not actively promoting homosexuality, but man is created as he is and we have to accept him in that way.’

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