Is receiving Holy Communion in the hand inherently sacreligious?
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(01-16-2018, 04:46 AM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: Not growing up with the TLM I wasn't fully sure what the problems with receiving in the hand were until this video explained it to me so well in detail:

I think it important that the first thing Bishop Schneider says is that Communion in the Hand is an "effective" (i.e. efficient) cause of the diminishing of the Faith in the Eucharist. The rest all flows from this.

We may think Communion in the hand leads to possible sacrilege (like the taking of the host for evil purposes, or mistreatment), but in fact that is just a consequence of this far more fundamental and grave problem.

Christ is not injured by some mistreatment in the Eucharist. We are. Our Faith in the Blessed Sacrament is lessened.

That loss of Faith is a grave problem, and to put oneself or another in a situation where there is a danger in losing some of all of their Faith is, in itself, a grave problem.

For example, if we have a clothing catalog which has some immodest, but not lewd pictures, so not inherently bad and not an occasion of sin for those who are balanced, but not ideal, but we also have a brother living with us who has a serious problem with pornography and a warped sexuality, we would never leave the catalog out, as it would be an occasion of sin for him.

Communion in the hand is analogically the same. While in itself, if everyone were properly catechized and the practice done with great reverence, it would not be sacrilegious or even a serious problem, we live around people who have a very weak Faith, and the manner of reception is banal ("like a chip", as Bishop Schneider says). So like the catalog, it's not wrong, but to expose people to that who are weak and for whom it will be a cause of harm is wrong.

That is why it is not inherently sacrilegious, but very easily leads to it.
Peace.....that's quite interesting and I agree "it sets the stage; it opens the door."  If we look back in many respects, we can see how things deteriorated by becoming looser and looser;  I for one, generally run a tight ship - because it is so easy to fall back - not that I'm perfect by any means, just we have to stand back and assess what is really going on as you say - behind the scenes - the hidden agenda.  God bless and thankyou!  angeltime
The pic that I attached says it all... I obtained this from a Traditional Catholic page on Facebook...    

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What is inherently sacriligious is is to receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin.

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