Chevalier Charles Coulombe on Weirdo Trad Parishes
I also think the trad "movement" tends to attract introverted intellectual types, and a large sub-set of introverted intellectual types can be low-empathy sorts. Add to that the appeal of Tradition to those who are fed up with the existential Hell that is modern life, and you get lots of fearful, angry, "living in their heads" types who embrace overly rigid black-or-white thinking that can lack subtlety and nuance. Things are so wacky in the world these days, and some people mentally backlash in a big way, demanding order and clear boundaries for every little thing. The extreme of that can lead to this sort of thing, found in a post on a trad forum:
Quote:My husband and I simply can't stand it anymore, and it is seriously damaging our faith. I've mentioned a few of the things on here before (the "Victorian Men" proposing marriage to my infant daughter and women castigating me for laying my daughter on her back to sleep), but it just keeps getting worse.

For instance, recently a married couple was basically driven from the chapel by some members because they were midgets (dwarfism). Some of the people in the chapel said that such ailments were evidence of "satanic blood" or other such nonsense, and said they should not be allowed at Mass.

My husband was rebuked after Mass a few of weeks ago because he was wearing a blue shirt (he had a suit and tie on, the shirt was light blue). He was told that it was insulting to the Lord to wear anything less than "very formal" at Mass, which apparently means a white shirt.

The straw that broke the camel's back however, was this past Sunday. My husband and I had a few people over for dinner, after Mass. We cooked Mexican food. One woman asked whether we routinely cook the food of "other nationalities." We said yes, and that [we] enjoy a variety of foods. She said that we were in danger of become "liberal blood traitors," (whatever that means) and that our daughter will likely have a "poor upbringing" because of it. She then left without eating.

I simply can't stand all the superstitious and un-Catholic behavior that is going on. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Faith, and in my opinion, a lot of it is contrary to the Faith. I dread the loss of the Sacraments, however, and the next-nearest traditional chapel is some 5 hours away (one-way). I worry about my daughter. I worry about her not having access to the Sacraments, but I also worry about the influence some of these people may have on her.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with the essentials of the Faith that are preached and taught by Father; the problem is the congregation. And, only a minority of the congregation, but a very vocal minority. Father seems to be either unwilling or unable to do anything about it, because these issues have been brought to him many times.
Sad, sad, sad. And extremely frustrating.
T h e   D u d e t t e   A b i d e s
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