Chevalier Charles Coulombe on Weirdo Trad Parishes
I've been a member of a few trad parishes and never seen anything even approaching what is described in Vox's quote. That said, I have met a lot of strange, aspergic people and it is true that they tend to flock to this sort of thing because of the order and sanity it gives them, not to mention the spiritual graces which make their otherwise difficult existence much more bearable.

As for the question of why charity is the first victim in these parishes, it is often a reaction against what they have gotten at the other parishes. Remembering that most trads are about as informed as Novus Ordites (except in other things), we should recall that to expect them to be able to make fine distinctions and parse difficult theological terms with acuity and precision is a tall order. They are as bludgeoning about the law as Novus Ordites are about mercy and, interestingly, they have the same negative reaction to the opposite camp's pet project as vice versa. The issue here is that the Novus Ordites have claimed a monopoly on mercy and, unless you are "merciful" according to their terms, you are not merciful. Since Trads instinctively realize that the NO version of mercy is clearly not in keeping with Church teaching, they simply reject it altogether and shun any discussion of God's love or His mercy. 

This is something which must be addressed in Trad parishes--the Priests, often, are as guilty here as NO Priests who only ever preach about soft and fuzzy things. It is easy, as a Priest, to preach what you know they want to hear. A good preacher will preach what is hard to hear but must be heard. This changes according to the audience. In NO parishes, the audience must hear about God's Justice. In Trad parishes, we must hear about God's mercy, the danger of Hegelian Dialectical thinking and the problem of scrupulosity. It is two sides of the same coin, frankly, and must be dealt with appropriately.
"Punishment is justice for the unjust." Saint Augustine of Hippo
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