Putting Pope Francis into Perspective
I think I have said quite often my disagreements with 'pope' Frank (AKA: Pope Francis). This article goes into much detail and is quite thorough in its coverage of the very disturbing sayings of Frank. It is a long article and I have abbreviated the article here and supplied a link to the rest of the article, where quotes and references to these posted questionable doings of Frank are documented.

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Putting Pope Francis into Perspective

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:   October 31, 2014
'Pope Francis' – A Chronological List of Quotes and Headlines

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Below is a very abbreviated and incomplete chronological summary list of deeply troubling quotes, headlines, and happenings which have taken place in the Pope Francis papacy. These news stories and quotes are intentionally presented in very brief format simply to demonstrate that there is an overall most suspicious and undeniable pattern of oddity surrounding Pope Francis. Some would describe many of these quotes and actions of Pope Francis as merely provocative or controversial, others as obvious blasphemous heresies, and sadly some might think they are uplifting and inspirational.

It should be known that all of the quotes and news items on the list below are from well established, mainstream news sources and may easily be searched in google to confirm.

 The WILD VOICE has not used any sources on the list below that are from 'satire' or 'questionable' or 'alternative' news sources.  In order to present these Pope Francis quotes in the most objective way as is possible, we have (almost entirely) also intentionally avoided using sources that are commonly seen to be 'critical' of Pope Francis or expressly 'traditionalist' in nature.

This summary is meant to give a 'big picture' quick view, but we very much encourage you to really take the time and check this list (each item is dated and sourced) on your own and verify the authenticity and full context of each story.
 If you find important things that are not included which should be, please don't hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment or by contacting us.

"Before Christ's second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the "mystery of iniquity" in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh."
– Catechism of the Catholic Church –

and Highlights

Pope Benedict XVI announced "resignation" and lighting struck Saint Peter's Dome hours later; In his first speech Francis announced himself as the Bishop of Rome from the 'end of the world'; Masonic lodges congratulated Jorge Bergoglio on becoming Pope Francis and wrote 'nothing will be as it was before'; Referred to the Holy Spirit saying 'almost as if he were an Apostle of Babel'; Pope Francis claimed that the miracle of Jesus multiplying the bread and fish was really a miracle of 'sharing', not multiplying; Said 'Who am I to judge?' about gay priests; Restricted use of Latin Mass by Franciscan Friars; Said to youth 'I want a mess' and 'I want trouble in the dioceses'; The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League tweeted 'Thank you Pope Francis from prochoice women everywhere'; Said we are 'living the myth of Shiva'; Cover of the leading LGBT magazine, The Advocate; Said atheists who do good are redeemed; Started taking selfies with fans…

Held the first Muslim/Jewish prayers and Koran readings at the Vatican; Sent an iPhone message to evangelicals through prosperity-gospel TV preacher Kenneth Copeland; Peace doves attacked; Said to 'scold the Lord' and also that he would baptize aliens; Cover of Rolling Stone; Accidentally said 'the F word'; Cardinal Dolan claimed Francis said 'Catholic Church should not dismiss gay marriage'; Mentioned re-thinking celibacy for priests; Said he's 'not interested in converting evangelicals to Catholicism'; Initial synod document suggested shift in Church's position on homosexuality, but was revised; Said man is 'the king of the universe!'; Told a woman in invalid marriage it's alright to take Holy Communion, saying 'A little bread and wine does no harm'; Compared Islamic terrorists to Christian fundamentalists…

Claimed lost souls do not go to Hell; Joked about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; Claimed that Jesus begged his parents for forgiveness and the Virgin Mary 'reproached' Christ; Became PETA's Man of the Year; Met with a transgender dubbed 'The Devil's Daughter'; Left Lutherans wondering if they can now take Communion in the Catholic Church; Routinely scolded and mocked 'rigid' Catholics; Projected images of animals and humanity onto Saint Peter's for climate change support on the Feast day of the Immaculate Conception…

Released a video promoting his prayer intentions featuring Muslim prayer beads, a Buddha statue, and Menorah, but no cross; Changed Roman Missal to include women in Holy Thursday foot-washing; Lutherans received Holy Communion at Saint Peter's Basilica; Announced he will participate in a joint ceremony with the World Lutheran Federation to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation; Suggested that John the Baptist doubted that Jesus Christ was the Messiah; Taught priests that those confessing need not verbalize their sins but can confess through 'the language of the gesture'; Proclaimed that a US Presidential candidate is 'not a Christian'; Approved of contraception in special circumstances; Praised an abortion rights advocate; Issued an Exhortation that changes the practice of denying Holy Communion to those who are in 'irregular unions' (divorced and remarried, etc.); Discussed possibility of women deacons; Compared idea of Islamic conquest to Jesus' Words in the Gospel of Saint Matthew; Said that Mother Earth is the one who 'gave us life and safeguards us'; Taught that Jesus 'knew temptation in Himself'; Elevated memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to rank of Apostle; Said that the 'the great majority of Sacramental marriages are null' then issued a clarification changing 'the great majority' to 'a portion'; Said some priests 'are animals'; Said the 'intentions of Martin Luther were not mistaken; Said the Church should 'ask forgiveness to the gay person who is offended'; Said if he speaks of Islamic violence he 'must speak of Catholic violence'; Met with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; Added an eighth Work of Mercy, 'Caring for Our Common Home'; Prayer intention to build a society 'that places the human person at the center'; Said 'It's not right to convince someone of your faith'; Put a red statue of Martin Luther in the Vatican; Completely overhauled Congregation responsible for liturgical questions; Signed joint pledge with Lutherans to remove obstacles to full unity; Created 6 new 'Beatitudes' for 'modern' Christians; Said Martin Luther was a prophet and he 'admired him'; Said inequality is 'the greatest evil that exists'; Said 'communists think like Christians'; Cardinals publicly and formally ask for clarity on Amoris Laetitia after being ignored by Francis; Attributed 'weakness' and a 'bad memory' to God; Warned that media who spread 'ugly things' (even if true) could suffer from 'coprophilia' (arousal derived from excrement); Said God was 'unjust with his son'; Reportedly said he may 'enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church'…

2017Appointed protestant pastor as Editor of Argentinian Holy See's newspaper; Said 'Jesus was always the servant of all, and this is what gave Him authority'; Said Martin Luther's intention 'was to renew the Church'; Took over religious order whose leader defied him in clash over condoms; Ordered review of the new Mass translation; Said obeying all the commandments 'paralyzes you'; Anglican Liturgy to be celebrated in St Peter’s; Recorded video message for Superbowl, didn't mention God once; Denounced ‘Restorationist’ Orders, Poked fun at Medjugorje; Cardinal Kasper said allowing intercommunion with Protestants in some cases is the “position of the current Pope.”; Said there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism; Seminarians told they can leave if they don't agree with Pope Francis; Said 'Jesus did not say whether it is lawful or not lawful' about divorce; Reduced sanctions for sex abusers; Signaled openness to ordaining married men; Joked saying 'Inside the Holy Trinity they're all arguing behind closed doors, but on the outside they give the picture of unity'; Taught that Jesus Christ 'made himself the devil'; Described European refugee centers as 'concentration camps'; Appeared in a feature film; Referred to himself as 'bishop dressed in white' and as a 'a prophet and messenger to wash the feet of all, at the same table that unites us' in Fatima; Stacked the college of Cardinals; Said 'God cannot be God without man'; Appointed Pro-Abortion Theologian to Pontifical Academy for Life; Replaced "conservative" Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with a Jesuit; Said migrant rights should override national security; Said the Vatican II Liturgical reform is ‘irreversible’; Said 'no war is just'; Said 'The most minor sins are the sins of the flesh'; Said 'pagan blood runs through the veins of Jesus'; Said 'God will welcome all mankind so as to dwell with them'; Revised Canon Law to allow Bishop Conferences to translate Liturgy; Theologians accuse Pope of spreading heresy; Said 'God does not avenge himself! God loves, he does not avenge himself'; Said 'at the end of our history' 'Everything will be saved. Everything.'; Vatican issued stamp depicting Martin Luther; Said 'The words of the Buddha offer each of us a guide.'; Made the official interpretation of Amoris Laetitia that which permits Holy Communion to couples in a state of public adultery and proclaimed this interpretation an act of his "authentic Magisterium"; Advocated for changing translation of the "Our Father" prayer; Pro-life leaders accused Pope Francis of failing to uphold Church teaching…

2018Bishops issued profession saying Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia is causing "rampant confusion," will spread the “plague of divorce,” and is “alien” to the Church’s entire faith and Tradition; Joked that he does not go to the doctor but instead to 'the witch'; Awarded pro-abortion politician Liliane Ploumen with honorary title; Accused sex abuse victims of slander…

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them."
– Gospel of Saint Matthew –

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