Putting Pope Francis into Perspective
(01-30-2018, 06:46 AM)dove77 Wrote:
(01-29-2018, 04:43 PM)Zedta Wrote: I think I have said quite often my disagreements with 'pope' Frank (AKA: Pope Francis). This article goes into much detail and is quite thorough in its coverage of the very disturbing sayings of Frank. It is a long article and I have abbreviated the article here and supplied a link to the rest of the article, where quotes and references to these posted
questionable doings of Frank are documented.

I read through your list of quotes and stopped as soon as I saw you quoting from the heretical National Catholic Reporter. If you do not see the wisdom of the Popes true comments perhaps you need to study the genuine Catholic teachings from appropriate resources.
NCR has it's faults without a doubt. But in this article, they are quoting a seemingly heretical 'pope' and their accuracy trumps your assertion that they are in error because they are who they are. Even the Enquirer can quote with accuracy on occasion. For the NCR, this is one of those occasions.
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