Putting Pope Francis into Perspective
(01-31-2018, 07:58 PM)Zedta Wrote:
(01-31-2018, 04:00 AM)Dave01 Wrote:
(01-30-2018, 07:56 PM)Zedta Wrote: Thankfully, Frank hasn't reached the level of "... accepted afterwards by the whole Church as Pope...".

There are a number of Bishops, Cardinals and faithful who view pope Frank as having too many scales.

Can you provide me with a source which shows even one Cardinal or Bishop who rejected the election of Pope Francis upon his Papal election?

Please rethink your question. Think about what kind fight you are talking about here. You could have found a lot on the subject, but a quick internet search found the article at the end, for just one.

*Inserts articles proving that Pope Francis is*

1. A poor Pope
2. A vengeful person
3. Someone with little command of Catholic doctrine
4. Someone who may have come into the Papacy due to backroom deals and threats
5. Etc.

Unfortunately, what you MUST prove, in order to be able to posit the argument that the election of Pope Francis was invalid, is none of these things. Again, I repeat:

Can you prove to me that Pope Francis was not accepted by every single Cardinal and Bishop as the Pope upon his election (which technically isn't even necessary, as moral unanimity, not numerical unanimity is the criteria for acception)?" 

Quote:“It is of no importance that in past centuries some Pontiff was illegitimately elected or took possession of the Pontificate by fraud; it is enough that he was accepted afterwards by the whole Church as Pope, since by such acceptance he would have become the true Pontiff.” St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church

If you are suggesting this is the wrong question to be asking (probably because you know the answer is "No"), then you are placing yourself in a position not only to be judging the status of the Roman Pontiff entirely upon your own authority, but also to be doing so while directly contradicting a Doctor of the Church. 

The question of whether Pope Francis was validly elected Pope, is entirely seperate from, and has  nothing to do with the following questions:

1. Is Pope Francis a good Pope?
2. Is Pope Francis a Freemason?
3. Was there a conspiracy to elect Pope Francis?
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