The CDC Says the Flu Is Resisting Treatment-Why?
Are we witnessing a 'weaponised' flu virus this year? Some in the know say it could be. The vaccines are not working ( so what's new here?) and the incidence of infection is increasing exponentially. Intravenous fluid supplies are at dangerously low levels and Hospital and Clinics are running out daily. Antibiotics, to treat opportunistic infections in flu patients is also at highly critical levels of availability. In a word, it is ugly.

The interesting and short of this story here:

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The CDC Says the Flu Is Resisting Treatment-Why?
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[Image: watson-ebola-body-bags.jpg]The Bubonic Plague is Sweeping Across Madagascar. Doctors are proclaiming that nobody is safe. At the time of this publication, the “Black Plague” has spread to 17 countires. With modern air travel, why has there not been an alert issued? Here is the complete story. The Flu, in its various forms is seemingly everywhere and anywhere. Doctors are losing ground to the flu. Why?

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