The CDC Says the Flu Is Resisting Treatment-Why?
(02-08-2018, 05:22 PM)For Petes Sake Wrote: How should Catholics view antibiotic resistant STDs? Should we care about finding cures for these diseases?

Speaking from the viewpoint of one who was once in the Medical field, how someone got the disease is of some concern, but not a determining factor in whether or not to treat. Some diseases are brought on by unsavory practices, as in the case of STDs, but some of the sources of MDR STDs were intentional. For instance, the Viet Cong, during the Viet Nam War introduced MDR (MultiDrug Resistant) strains of STD bacteria into the bodies of prostitutes so as to infect our (foolish) soldiers, sailors and airmen. This 'weaponization' of a disease has lead to problems in the general population over time, to where these MDR STDs have become more common and not just STDs, but also other, more common infectious bacteria like E-Coli, Enterobactrum, the infamous MRSA and increasingly, others as well.

To ignore these can't be looked on as a religious conviction. It is cruel and immoral to deny someone health care, if for no other reason than to not treat, puts others in jeopardy down the road.
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