All prophecy for now, conincides with Rev.12
All events for these end of days coincide with Mary our Mother fulfilling her work in the Elect. We fully being
Christ like. This is the bringing forth in our souls, "The Male Child" who was caught up to God's throne. Since
He was already caught up as the prophecy says , then for sure this is a bringing forth as I said , in the soul. This
is done with Mary our Mother through the umbilical cord of our faith "The Rosary". Though the dragon stands
ever before her, to devour her Child, she prevails and accomplishes what is purposed by God. What I am pre-
senting is for now. This is a war= first WOE Rev.12:12. Ezekiel 38-39. Rosh="HEAD" who will head this war
or who is the HEAD of the enemies of God's people.  "GOG" meaning: Enemies of God's people, and rules
"MAGOG"= lands ruled by satan. We are given a description of who these  will be. "MESHECH"= long or tall
and are drawn out by force. They are who are "TUBAL"= forgers of all implements of bronze and iron. I have
researched this and bronze and iron were developed in earlier times, and the metals were harvested from the
Korean Peninsula: search (Heritage of Japan) iron and bronze implements.

So, this is the nation of people known for this. They will carry out=be drawn out by force=(force which governs
them) FORCE=Satan, and bring about this war. "TOGARMAH"= they are that which is all bone= have no sub-
stance= no faith in the God of Israel, OUR GOD! Now we have to look at "ROSH" because this is who actually
is the HEAD of these nations who will take part in this war which will be instigated by this nation of bronze and
iron implements. "MESHECH" meaning: long or tall- concerning their history and establishment as a people.
Not like America. ROSH the head is RUSSIA, the clue is in Ezekiel 38:5-6: 5 Persia, Ethiopia and Libya with
them; all of them with shield and helmet:  These all have an alliance with Russia. Therefore, military and weap-
ons funding comes by Russia=gets weapons. North Korea does too. All these nations are Islamic or atheist.
hence of bones= NO FAITH IN OUR GOD. "GOMER" meaning: (COMPLETION), these nations complete the
BONE NATIONS. We know the ancient Persian empire then and today consist of: Eight nations which have
coasts along the Persian Gulf: Baharin, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab
Emirates. The gulfs strategic location has made an ideal place for human development over time. Today, many
major cities of the Middle east are located in this region. Turkey, Syria and Egypt will play a role in this war
too. Along with China due to its alliance with Russia.

Ezekiel38:6  GOMER, all his bands; the house of TOGARMAH of the north quarters, and all his bands: and
many people with thee.
Cosmic events will occur during the first Woe as well. During this first Woe the Two Witnesses will come on the seen
they will nourish the church and convert many. Babylon will fall when they resurrect and the second Woe passes.
The Hallelujah and the Wedding Feast  of the Lamb will commence after this Fall. Blessed are those who are called to the
Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

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