Let laity lead parishes, priests' resolution urges US bishops
(02-09-2018, 01:14 AM)Zedta Wrote:
(02-08-2018, 11:57 PM)MyCupOverFlows Wrote: Interesting article. Women definitely have their place. I do not even receive the Eucharist from anyone but the Priest. A lot has changed in a very short time. I find that many priest are very wishy-washy. For instance at my children's school, the women run everything. The female principal runs everything and many of the teachers are liberal. I could tell you some crazy stories concerning my encounters and butting of heads with some there. I feel like the Priest is sleeping. My husband gets turned off too- with many of the things that are happening.
Example: My family does not celebrate Halloween or the day of the dead a Hispanic
pagan ritual and the school allows this, my family is an oddity, I am told by the principal . One little boy in my youngest child's class dresses in girls clothes and paints his nails. At open house they had pictures up on the wall and he was dressed like a princess for Halloween and was wearing makeup. My daughter is taught one way in the faith then goes to school, which is Catholic and is left scratching her head. The priest there is young and honestly a bit feminine. When you bring up concerns,  they are brushed off. There is only one Catholic school in my tri-state area that does not celebrate Halloween, and the Priest insist on the traditional Catholic mass. He is old now and has gotten stern warnings from the local Bishop. The Priest at my children's school lets laity get involved in everything.

I also remember my husband was taken-a -back when the Priest who married us was promoting Islam and when my husband told him Christ is the way , the truth and the life, there is no other way to the Father except through Him, he stopped talking to my husband. I guess my point is..... this laity thing is not surprising, interesting but not surprising. Thank you for sharing this,  and God Bless!
My heart sincerely bleeds for you! I am a dinosaur and was in a 'Traditional' Catholic High School when Vatican II ended and the abuses began. My world went into a kind of vortex and my faith came under spiritual attack on all sides. The Nuns that taught us became something we didn't recognize, suddenly, one day, they came in without their habits and dressed in common fashion, poorly coordinated and with rather awful cosmetic choices as well...then the bad stuff started.

I see how you find yourself in such a conundrum as I was in. My only advise is to stand your ground. The souls of your children and you and your husband are at stake. You answer to only one person, Jesus, the Christ! In Him you will not fail, even though you may feel on the short end. That feeling comes from the enemy and he only deals that out when he is most desperate and you are most in the groove of True Faith in Him. Remember; Peter walked on water, but only sank in the waters when he took his eyes off Jesus and doubted.

Get in the habit of praying the The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows . Try to do so daily, perhaps as I do, when driving. It won't take long to get it down and the benefits of this prayer are amazing! I got my son to get in the habit and it has helped his situation with the Novis Ordo parish and school immensely. I will pray for you and your family. May Blessed Mary, Mother of Jesus, wrap you and your family in Her Veil of Motherly Protection!

Thank you for your advice, God Bless!

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