Let laity lead parishes, priests' resolution urges US bishops
Take away the liturgical stuff that blurrs the line between priests and lay people and there is some merit to this. Let others handle the nitty-gritty operational and administrative stuff (and even things like distributing collected goods for charity) so bishops and priests can focus on the more direct cura animarum.  Ideally, the role would be carried out by deacons--it's why the Apostles originally instituted them (See Acts 6:1-4). 

In prior periods, the role of deacons was to deal with all the administrative and operational stuff so that bishops and priests could focus on the spiritual and the "ministry of the word" as the Apostles put it.  Of course, deacons then became a little too powerful (since they controlled all the property, etc.) and bishops ultimately took more direct responsibility for those back over.  Of course, as Fr. Simon notes in his History of the Hootenanny Mass, the craziness of the 1960s and 70s happened in part because many bishops were great real estate managers, but had less skill in the more spiritual areas.   

In general, I think it's good to free up time for bishops and priests to pray, preach, and sanctify more.
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