Let laity lead parishes, priests' resolution urges US bishops
(02-09-2018, 06:59 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote: (V)ocations in Lincoln really aren’t that great, because they don’t have a permanent deaconate program. What a load of trash!  Whatever the ancient Church’s permanent deaconate may have been, its restoration seems to have mostly been seen merely as an opportunity for married men to “almost be priests.” It seems it is viewed as the benefits of the priesthood without the sacrifice.
Yeah, sure! ::LOL: As vocations  to the priesthood are drying up, who's going to celebrate Mass for all those Permanent Deacons to distribute Communion from. The Permanent Diaconate may be necessary where there aren't enough Priests, but we don't need them here:

  • In a recent 24 month span Lincoln ordained 17 men to the priesthood.

  • Lincoln is the only diocese in the United States to place in the Top 20 for the ratio of ordinands to population in every survey conducted from 1993-2012, often ranking #1.

And we only have around a hundred thousand Catholics in the entire Diocese.

Despite having a Catholic population of only 97,000, the Lincoln diocese ordained 22 men from 2010-2012. Only seven diocese in the entire country ordained more. One of those, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (with a Catholic population over 4.2 million) ordained 34 men during those same three years. In other words, L.A. only ordained four more men per year on average despite having a population 44X greater than Lincoln.
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