if we are really in 'end times'...
(02-08-2018, 11:06 PM)popeinnocent1972 Wrote: If we are really in end times, which it looks highly likely we are.

Why did Jesus appear to this man in 2014 telling him to pray the rosary to be free of Boko Haram, surely by the time they fully get rid of them through the rosary, there will be no time left?

I think the main problem with your question is you're just blindly assuming that the world is in the process of ending right this moment and it's going to happen soon. The church has a fairly detailed eschatology, but it's not simply a matter of time coming to an end. And even despite the detail it's still largely an outline. Just worry about your spiritual life and advancing in grace. Don't go down the rabbit hole of prophecies and seers. It isn't our job to figure out how it's going to end and God certainly isn't going to punish us for not figuring it all out.
The contemplative is not one who discovers secrets no one knows, but one who is swept into ecstasy by what everyone knows.
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