if we are really in 'end times'...
We should all live as if each day is the last, because it may be. Either of our life or of the world. That said, I totally agree with MeanGene. Leave predicting the End to the pagans, New Agers, and heretics. They seem to do it all the time! An Anglican 'Bishop' wrote in the 16th century

Quote:The signs mentioned by Christ in the Gospel which should be the foreshewers of this terrible day, are almost all fulfilled.
Luther said,

Quote:For my part, I am sure that the Day of Judgement is just around the corner. It doesn't matter that we don't know the precise day... perhaps someone else can figure it out. But it is certain that time is now at an end.
A 16th century Calvinist predicted the end,

Quote:Between 1650 and 1695 [we] would see the conversion of the many Jews and a revival of their nation in Palestine...the destruction of the Papacy...the marriage of the Lamb and his wife.

I've lived through more 'Ends of the World' than I can keep track of, but the 'Mayan Calendar', the Jehovah's Witnesses' 1975, and 'Pastor' Harold Camping's 21 October 2011, all come to mind.
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