if we are really in 'end times'...
Oh, I forgot one! In 1973 we took our newborn daughter to meet her great grandmother (who died about two months later, R+I+P) and continued on to visit friends in Colorado. They were an USAF Officer and his wife. They were fundies who had bought into Hal Lindsay's predictions in 'The Late Great Planet Earth'. They were laying in supplies for the End, and had decided that it would be cruel to bring children into the world just before it ended.

They gave me the book to read. Being a fast reader, I read it before I fell asleep. Lindsay had me convinced! Using nothing but Scriptural prophecy, he had 'proven' that the next war Israel fought would be with the Soviets and the US would come in on the Israeli side. This was the battle between Gog and Magog that would end on the Field of Megiddo, and we all know what that means!

I was all ready to go home and start laying in survival rations, etc.

The next morning, I wandered into the kitchen to get my morning coffee and the daily paper was laying on the table, with the headline 'Arab-Israeli War Breaks Out'. It was the morning of 7 October and the Yom Kippur War had just started. Of course, shortly after I got back to KC, the war ended with no battle at Megiddo. Ever since then, I take Christ seriously. I try to live each day as if it was my last, regardless of the reason, and I pray for my family and friends as if we have an untold amount of time before us.
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