Catholics and the Zodiac
(02-09-2018, 01:57 PM)SacraCor714 Wrote: I read the articles on FE about Catholicism and astrology, and while they were quite informative, I am still confused as to how Catholics should approach this subject. I was born under Virgo and the description of a Virgo person almost exactly matches my personality. Husband-to-be was born under Pisces and also resembles many of the characteristics of that sign. I know we are supposed to avoid those silly horoscopes in the paper (they are so vague anyway that they could apply to anyone!) but is it also bad to take too seriously the supposed traits of your specific zodiac and how the manifest themselves in your life?

There's no problem in taking your horoscope seriously, in the right way. Aside from getting straight about actual Catholic thinking on the matter, the trick is knowing how to read your actual natal horoscope which, as Jovan said, is about a helluva lot more than a mere "sun sign" (in fact, your sun sign says less about you than your rising sign, and where the planets are, the houses they're in, the signs ruling the houses at that moment, the angles between the planets, etc. are all said to be relevant). Bottom line, though; ignore the newspaper astrology stuff except for a laff, as pure entertainment; it's completely meaningless.
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