What does it mean to be charitable as a Catholic?
Clearly, supplying money/necessities to those in need is one thing.  Also, I would think giving other good counsel and kindness is another. 

Also, whatever your situation in life (single, married, Holy Orders), it would mean making sacrifices daily in prayer and service for others.

But what are some real practical things that we can do, so that we're ALWAYS charitable.  Let's talk specifics (i.e. things as small as a kind word of encourgaement, to giving a panhandler $5-$10).

How can we be charitable in every moment?
I've been thinking and reading a lot about this myself lately, since Charity is the theological virtue in which I am most deficient (I suppose). It's good to say that kind word, or to give that panhandler a fiver, but true Charity, in the divinely-infused sense, comes as a gift from God in return for loving Him first above all things. That should be your focus if you wish to grow in Charity -- the little acts of kindness throughout our day should be supplementary to this. Love God, and you will begin to love others in a deeper, richer way, and you will have more of the courage and wisdom you need to better help others.

If you (like I) struggle with anger, impatience, or other vices or faults of temperament which run directly counter to Charity, you can also work on building their contrary virtues -- meekness and fortitude for anger, patience for impatience, etc. 

As for practical things: drive slowly and leave plenty of room to let others in (but still drive correctly/predictably), mentally think of ways in which you are thankful for your coworkers or peers a few times a day, pay for the order behind you in a drivethru, hand out vouchers for ice cream cones or other simple little things to strangers, thank God for the irritating people in your life as opportunities to grow in patience, rake or mow a neighbor's lawn (assuming you're on good terms and won't get shot for trespassing lol), call up an old friend who you've grown distant from, forget about any little debts someone might owe you, write someone a kind letter, etc.
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To be honest and loyal to your friends, opening doors for the eldery and disabled, to love people enough that you pray for their salvation 

These are some good ideas

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