In Regards to Honoring Your Father and Your Mother
So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm a vaper, and I often need my nic fix or I can get a bit grumpy or fidgety. I'm not worried about any detrimental effects because vaping is actually at the least 95% safer than smoking.

Now here's the problem. I'm 20 going on 21, but I still live with my parents (probably until I get a decent job once I get my real estate certification.) Now both of them don't mind if I vape in my car in our garage which is fine in the warmer months and such, but in the winter it can get rather chilly in there. My mother is okay with me vaping in my room with my door closed or in the basement, but my father is against me vaping in my room or in the basement. My mother is also okay with me vaping with my door closed and if my dad's asleep at the same time because he won't notice.

This is very confusing here because they have different rules in regards to this. I've never really asked a priest about this, but I have asked a priest about my bosses who have different rules and they said follow the rules of the guy who's there at the time which is similar in a way. So I'm not sure what to do lol.

What do you guys recommend I do? Stick to vaping in the car and play it safe, or vape in my room when my dad's not around/sleeping? Thanks! :D
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