In Regards to Honoring Your Father and Your Mother
I just wanted to add that in my post above I was laying out the minimum you are required to do with regards to your parents.

I know, Smiley, that you have had problems in the past with your parents trying to exert too much control over you now that you are an adult.  So they no longer have authority over you and you don't have to obey them.

You do have to treat them with at least the same respect you would treat any other persons you live with and any landlords you rent from.

Since they are your parents you can choose to go above and beyond the minimum amount of respect out of love and honor, but it is your choice how far you want to go with that.

I think the other posters have made some good points about avoiding strife between your parents which would happen if your Dad caught you and perhaps using this to motivate you to quit the tobacco habit if that is your choice.

God Bless!

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