Apologetics question: Why does God create people who are going to go to Hell?
This is just one more iteration of that long-tired discussion about "The Problem of Evil", or "The Problem of Pain" or Theodicy.

It is always presented as a false dilemma  : Either there is Evil or there is a Good God. 

If you deny the existence of evil, then you admit God, but also deny reality. If you admit evil, you deny the existence of God.

The solution is St. Augustine's. Evil is not a thing, it is a nothing—evil is the lack of a due good—the lack of some good which should exist, and thus is a non-being.

A physical evil is the lack of the existence of a thing. A moral evil is the lack of the existence of a right order in the Will.

If you do not have food, and are starving, that is a physical evil, because you are lacking something necessary—a due good. This may have no moral character to it at all, or it may be due to the fault of someone.

A physical evil can be the cause of a greater good, and can help perfect the whole. For instance you killing a deer to eat is a physical evil for the deer, but perfects you. Such evil can be directly will by God, for the greater good that comes.

If you decide to kill someone with a gun, you actually have to have a series of good things first. You have to have a good gun, and a good shooter, and a good bullet, and a good shot. The evil is in the will of the killer, which is knowingly and purposefully turned away from the right order of things. That is a moral evil.

Such evils are not at all willed by God, but allowed by Him.

Both, and.

The other thing to consider is that God's knowledge of a thing does not create a necessity. Just because God knows that a particular person, despite having been given sufficient graces to save his soul which he will reject, and thus will end up in Hell, that does not in any way create a lack of freedom in the man.

Does the fact that you know (since your brother said he would call you at 6 pm) that your brother will call, create a necessity in him? No, it was his promise to call. Your knowledge does not affect him. The same with God. God's knowledge or a future event does not remove my free will.

The problem is that the non-believer will not admit the idea that God gives every man until his last breath enough grace to convert, such that when he rejects this he does so aware of the consequences, and at fault for his refusal. An equivalent would be to have a miracle drug that the doctor offers constantly which will save you from death, but you continually refuse to take it.

In the case of God, the knowledge of the doctor that the patient will refuse the drug to his dying breath does not force the patient to refuse, nor does it represent some insufficiency on the part of the doctor toward the patient. The doctor freely and repeatedly offered the drug, and it was refused.
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