Apologetics question: Why does God create people who are going to go to Hell?
(02-19-2018, 11:45 PM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote: Hoping someone can answer this for me from the perspective of a nonbeliever; it's not a question that bothers or concerns me.  I hear it asked a lot though.  It kinda plays to the tension/mystery of the coexistence of predestination and free will.

The people that "are going to Hell" are those that die in mortal sin.  They have committed a grave sin in the eyes of God, with full consent of their will, and have not sought the necessary Sacraments (namely Penance and Extreme Unction) to remedy their eternal punishment.  Sin is an act of the will.  God hates sin, and would never force one's will to engage in a gravely sinful act.  Such a suggestion is a serious blasphemy.  (In fact, incidentally, the whole question is one you'd typically find posed to Calvinists, seeing as the only logical conclusion from Calvinism is that some people are predestined for Hell.  Calvinists can try to explain it away so that that isn't the case, but that's absolutely what Calvinism logically teaches). 

Again, God does not create anyone for Hell.  When we commit mortal sin, we make ourselves unsuitable for Hell, and are then discarded by God to the punishments of Hell. 

That's what makes Hell so painful; apart from the pain of sense (torture by fire), there's the conscious awareness that things could have been much different, and that they wasted their chance at eternal happiness in seeking their vain pleasures from creatures.  We have some foretaste of this in this life when we see our projects or plans destroyed before our eyes.  The things we'd hoped or planned for suddenly come crashing down in one situation or another.  Now, imagine one's fate being the fate of Hell.  Imagine the profound sense of loss and sorrow in knowing that things didn't have to be this way, and that they COULD have gone to Heaven if they'd just avoided their sins, and sought God in the Sacraments.  Imagine the loss of a soul leaving the body, and then finding itself in front of the pure beauty and love of Christ in the judgement seat, only to hear the verdict rendered that their soul has failed in its purpose, and that it will be sent to Hell.  I think it's only then that the soul TRULY realizes what "separation from God" even means.  It's a realization that all the love and happiness it ever knew on Earth was a gift from Almighty God.  And now, having rejected God's grace in committing mortal sin, the soul experiencing that terrible experience of losing Heaven, and being lost to Hell.

The Calvinist version of all this is utterly bizarre.  You just have people going to Hell because they weren't the lottery winners of being elected for Heaven.  It makes the whole idea of the Judgement absurd.

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