What I Think Happened in Charlottesville
Not sure if I've posted this before, but here goes anyway. This is what I think likely happened in Charlottesville:

1. First, James Fields, the driver of the Dodge Challenger, was threated with a rifle aimed by Dwayne Dixon, Duke University anthropology professor.

[Image: dwaynedixon.jpg]

In the video below, he admits he waved a rifle at James Fields. Note the talk of "our perimeter" and such:

Dwayne Dixon being confronted about his actions that day:  

(Funny how these types hate cops -- but always want to call them if confronted)

2. After being drawn on by Dwayne Dixon, Fields was creeping along the street very slowly, trying to get to where he was going, slowed by crowds and by other vehicles, including a vehicle right in front of his own (and into which he eventually crashed).

Then some Antifa idiot smashed the back of his car with what looks to be something like a metal flag pole, as you can see in the picture below. That sound -- which must have been loud as Hell and may well have sounded like gunfire to the person inside the car, especially after he'd been drawn on by a rifle-wielding Dwayne Dixon -- freaked the driver out, and he panicked and gunned it. It was at the VERY moment that the Anfifa person beat on the back of his car that the car accelerated, hitting bystanders and the vehicle in front of him:

[Image: dwaynedixon-carhit.JPG]

Video of the above:

3. Then Antifa piled onto his car and started beating it. In fear for his life, he gunned it in reverse, wanting to get the Hell out of there. From another angle, showing him backing up fast after a bunch of Commies started beating on his car like a bunch of apes:

In slow-motion. Keep in mind he'd already been threatened with a rifle. He knows that these Antifa types are violent, that at at least one is armed and has already threatened him, and that now there are many of them beating on his car and smashing out his windows. Imagine what all of that must have sounded like. You're in a car, totally surrounded by people with weapons -- bats, poles, sticks -- who are smashing your car windows out, climbing onto your vehicle, banging on it, screaming at you. What would you do? What possible options do you have to preserve your life?

4. Sadly, the commotion causes Heather Heyer to have a heart attack and die. According to her mother soon after the accident, Heather died of a heart attack. 

You can see EMTs performing CPR on Ms Heyer at the 3:43 mark in this video. There is no blood visible:

But Google will tell you she died of "chest injuries":

[Image: dwaynedixon-heather.JPG]

So, to sum up, from what I can tell, Fields is innocent of any homicidal intent, and it's questionable as to whether there was any death at all in the first place due to Fields's vehicle. I have no idea of Fields is or was a racist, but whether he is or isn't is irrelevant to the case.
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(02-25-2018, 02:49 PM)VoxClamantis Wrote: Then some Antifa idiot smashed the back of his car with what looks to be something like a metal flag pole, as you can see in the picture below.  

Nah, Fake News CNN said only the racist white supremacist types showed up with weapons. :rolleyes:

I've read something along these lines (don't remember where) that perhaps the driver was chased & running scared. Trump summed it up best when he said bad people from both sides were responsible.
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The distance from Justice Park, where Dixon claims he chased Fields, to the site of the crash, is just a little over 900 feet. The second degree murder charge sounds ridiculous, but not as insane as the failure to stop charge.

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