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Have you ever thought of doing resume construction services for people? Or paper editing/tutoring? I know I paid an English major to help me with my papers while I was attending university (especially end of the term papers). It was always helpful to have an extra set of eyes go over the papers to catch things I may have missed in my struggle to get them done on time.

Creating an online business has a very low overhead :)
I am in the process of discerning my vocation with the help of my priest. If you would like to read my thoughts as I progress through this process of discernment feel free to visit my blog:
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(03-09-2018, 05:43 AM)xandratax Wrote: Just going to add something that no one seemed to mention. If you're living in poverty and struggling, your marriage probably isn't going to be so sexy as to produce a brood of kids. How else can I say this? Unless screaming matches, arguing over who does what chores, starving and struggling to make ends meet turns you on, then you probably won't be having that much sex and therefore won't have so many kids right away. And if you do, forgive me if I find that a bit sick? I'm pretty sure sex shouldn't be taken as some of distracting relief from life's problems, considering its purpose is procreation. (The oversexed Catholic marriage is a myth. Catholics have much less sex than other people; that's how it how it used to be before birth control, unless the husband was rapist and/or cheating.)

Anyway, welcome to marriage. It's not some kitschy, amazing experience. It's close to Hell on earth if ever there was one. The idealized version is a Protestant lie. Jesus made it Sacrament in the same way a priest blesses someone going into war. I'm just being honest here, don't mind me...


Wow . . .   How sad!  Marriage isn't anything like this - at least not in my experience.  My husband is my partner in everything I do, my best friend, a world class snuggler, sexy as hell, and we have a lot of fun together.  Sex can be timed to minimize chances of conception.  There is still plenty of time to achieve marital bliss - and I've got 5 kids at home and one married.  We never fight about chores, money, or much of anything else.  When we do, it is at most a heated conversation and not a screaming match.  

From a person who is married and happy about it, take xandratax with a grain of salt.  Most people struggle at the outset of marriage.  Most of us work those issues out over time.  In the first two years of my marriage, we had an apartment fire in which we lost everything, three deaths in the family, and my husband lost his job.  We moved cross country and rebuilt our lives.  It was the best thing for our marriage and our finances.  We learned to work together and strive together.  Was it perfect?  No.  But we found a deeper faith and a stronger relationship through it.  

Not everyone is called to marry.  Those of us that are have a gift in our spouse, not a curse.  At least, that's my experience.
Peace.....yes, marriage is a vocation with ups and downs like all vocations.  Good open and honest communication is the best way to know where each stands and how they feel - then it is easier hopefully to come to agreement.  There is a period of adjustment - some short and some longer, but with God in the center, it can be done!  God bless, angeltime :heart:
I'm scared of marriage, I don't know why you're not, but you're both single too.  I do not want to make any suggestions right now that would be especially helpful to you, because nothing looks cheap right now, but Pocket Ref is under $15.00.  All kinds of electrical stuff in it.  Hams have all kinds of things online cheap.  Amateur Radio is relevant both to electrician stuff and there are those whom write radio stories, not just emergency communications, but you can do a lot with an English degree.  Your degree doesn't have to be just for a market, but yourself, and family, and listening and talking or teaching and lecturing or presenting and arguing whatever.  Remember to make it through The Nativity decade for The Spirit Of Poverty.  Anyway, good luck, ... .
St.  Christopher, pray for uspeaceful means toward peaceful ends.


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