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(03-19-2018, 11:53 AM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote: Are you actually satisfied with your fiance? It don't get that vibe. It would be one thing if you just thought the bf was attractive, but the rest of your post means you're extrapolating that and turning it into a way to mull over your dissatisfaction.

My fiance is a good match for me in the sense that he is very gentle and kind and non-confrontational. I am very loud and dramatic and stubborn, and if he were just like me then we would probably have way more problems than we already do :P. My fiance is also a hard worker, honest, patient, and takes his faith very seriously. He is the kind of man that I would want to raise a family with, even if he doesn't look like a J Crew model.

My doubts about my fiance come from more of a selfish and shallow place...for example, my fiance is a city boy and not very handy. He doesn't know a thing about cars and doesn't care to learn. He's not very mechanical, whereas my sister's BF built his own house and installed all the wiring and appliances. My fiance is also a small man and not very tall or muscular. Sis's BF is a jacked 6 foot douche. So as you can see, the things I'm concerned about with my fiance are things that he either can't help (his height) or things that he can eventually learn (my father, for example, was a helpless city boy but taught himself to do just about anything. So there's still hope ;) ).

I have to keep in mind that I am not the perfect woman, either. I wear pants and don't wear makeup or jewelry and swear like a sailor. So I can't expect my fiance to be a Manly Man if I'm not a Girly Girl. It goes both ways.

Maybe if I start wearing more skirts and pink, my fiance will get more interested in engines :blush: :D 
I am starting to doubt what I typed in your other post. Along with what ICT asked, maybe you really, really, really need to do a bit of romantic soul-searching to see if you want to marry your fiance and be with him until death do you part (or a favor). 
Look (or read), I was engaged for nearly three years to a beautiful, kind, and wonderful woman--but one who was not for me. I persisted much longer in the relationship because I was a coward who was afraid to state the obvious. I am not trying to say that this applies to you, but....

Then again, no matter with whom you are, you are always going to meet someone who will make you think: "What if I had...?"
What did you type in my other post that you are beginning to doubt?

That you are ***totally*** in love with him. Then again, maybe you are just being more honest than most of us are: we pretend not to notice other people when we are in a relationship.

Still, you seem like a catch and that you love your man, so best wishes. (I will leave the "best prayers" to those holier than I.)
You'll end up where you are supposed to end up. Just take care of yourself, and be sure to keep discerning where you are supposed to end up in life. If married life is for you it comes with it's own challenges which you are already learning how to handle. I don't like to give relationship advice as I'm not very good at them myself LOL but you seem like a really well-rounded individual who just happens to struggle with some stuff (who, in all honesty, doesn't?). Your fiance, to me, sounds like someone who is just concerned about: 1. his ability to keep in touch with his family, and 2. wants to ensure that he can provide for you and your future children before getting married. This seems reasonable, and you two seem to be working it out (for better or worse, but you're still being adults and talking about it which is more than a lot of couples these days would do). But, I'm not there to see the day to day so if I'm wrong I don't intend to hurt anyone with my interpretation.

On a lighter note: I don't wear makeup or do my hair either (it stays nicely tucked into a bun most days). Never have, and never will. It's a waste of time and money. It sounds like you've found a guy that accepts you for you and accepts your choices in life. You seem to have done the same for him. That, right there, is a good start :) You still, also, both seem to help one another work on the things they should help one another work on (becoming more in-line with your faith, etc.). Listen to your heart, ask God for guidance and you'll end up exactly where you are supposed to be if you let yourself listen :) Hopefully, your fiance does the same.

((If he's reading: learn to fix a car and do handiwork if you's expensive to hire contractors when you own a me on this one LOL ;) ))
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