Pastor of St. John Cantius removed after allegations of misconduct

                                            I'm sick to my stomach after reading this, but my gut feeling is that Cupich is a very evil man and who is trying to destroy Catholic tradition. I've known Father Phillips for over 20 years and I have an extremely hard time believing the claims against him. Cupich is accusing him of something he supports.
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Sunday, March 18, 2018
We know that the news of complaints of inappropriate conduct against Fr. Phillips, our founder, present a difficult time for the faithful in our parishes and friends of our community.
The Canons Regular will remain focused on our mission of “Restoring the Sacred” and will continue our vital work at our parishes and apostolates.
Fr. C. Frank Phillips, C.R. our founder, has been pastor of St. John Cantius for 30 years and our superior for 20 years. As soon as Fr. Phillips became aware of the complaints he has been open and transparent with us, his community, and the Archdiocese of Chicago.
We ask for your patience and understanding while the Congregation of the Resurrection conducts an investigation into the complaints.
We hope and pray for a swift resolution to this matter and we ask that you keep the Canons Regular, Fr. Phillips, and any who are affected by this difficult situation in your prayers.
It's interesting, too, that the Archdiocesan policy in these matters calls for suspension rather than removal, but Father Phillips was immediately removed from his post. Could it be that the Cardinal is out to destroy the Canons Regular, just as his boss has been destroying the FFI?
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And Cupich has James Martin speaking at Holy Name cathedral on Thursday night. An around the clock rosary campaign for Father Phillips has been set up. I plan to say one for him tonight.
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(03-19-2018, 04:03 PM)Eric F Wrote:

                                            I'm sick to my stomach after reading this, but my gut feeling is that Cupich is a very evil man and who is trying to destroy Catholic tradition. I've known Father Phillips for over 20 years and I have an extremely hard time believing the claims against him. Cupich is accusing him of something he supports.
Peace.....I have a growing concern too, that these incidents are going to scare other priests out of the priesthood - straight or not.  With scare tactics such as this, they will not be functioning normally or reluctant to making friends with other priests or just plain doing several kinds of ministry.  False accusations are wicked!  We need to pray, because a lot is going down.....God bless, angeltime :heart:
This isn't good. Fr. Phillips is the founder of the new order. If any of this is true, well, leadership must be taken seriously and someone within the order needs to effectively replace him.

Here's the CAF thread about it: The first response ... Good grief.
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Here's the man who removed Father Phillips.

(03-19-2018, 06:27 PM)Eric F Wrote: Here's the man who removed Father Phillips.


Peace....what about what Jesus thinks? God bless, angeltime :heart:
Below is the parishioner's letter found within the link.

Quote:This weekend, in a letter read out during 5:00 Mass on Saturday and repeated during the 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 and 12:30 Masses on Sunday, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced that Fr. Frank Phillips had been removed as Pastor of St. John Cantius and as Superior of the Order that he founded, the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.

The letter stated that Fr. Phillips had been credibly accused of improper relationships with an adult male or males.
Fr. Phillips is currently staying at an undisclosed location, pending an investigation of the complaints by the Congregation of the Resurrection, of which Fr. Phillips is a member.

Representatives of the Archdiocese subsequently added more to the story in unofficial talks after Mass: The allegations involve three adult males, they refer to relatively recent actions (in the last five years), and the complaints do not involve any criminal or civil charges. They first came to light in November. Someone suggested (perhaps one of the representatives) that the investigation was expected to take six months.

The Archbishop appointed Rev. Scott Thelander, a member of the Canons Regular who had recently been Pastor at St. Frances Cabrini Church in Springfield, to become “Interim Administrator” of the Parish and, I assume, the Order. Fr. Trenton Rauck of St. John Cantius will replace him in Springfield.

On Saturday, St. John Cantius posted this letter on its website, and subsequently read it out after the letter from the Archdiocese at each of the four Masses on Sunday.


The letter has since been taken down, it is unclear why or on whose direction, and replaced by this short note:

[short notice]

At Mass yesterday and today, there was great shock and grief. One of the younger priests was seen to be crying.

Everyone is solidly supportive of Fr. Phillips. There is a huge amount of love and affection for him here, both on a personal level and for everything he has done to build up the parish from near-death to being one of the country’s leading centers for Catholic Tradition and the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as becoming a Chicago cultural landmark in its own right. As far as I know, there has never been even an atom of rumor here of inappropriate conduct or homosexuality.

(I just reread the above paragraph, and it doesn’t put it quite right. If you are not a parishioner at Cantius, it would be perhaps difficult to understand the level of love and respect we all have for Fr. Phillips. For a man always so busy with so many tasks, it’s remarkable how many people feel so close to him.)

There was also much anger, directed, as might be expected, at Cardinal Cupich, who has long been perceived as being hostile to this Traditionalist parish. At the Saturday evening Mass, a man loudly departed his pew and stormed into the vestibule, loudly swinging the heavy doors. At the Sunday 7:30 Mass, a woman interrupted the reading of the first letter, shouting that the whole thing was a setup.

On the other hand, in their personal conduct after Mass towards the representatives from the Archdiocese, most parishioners were polite, at least in the interactions that I witnessed. And on the St. John Cantius Facebook page (administered by a layperson) and in other social media, the call has gone out for restraint. So, among other things, threads or comments that might be construed, even remotely, as being critical of or hostile to Cardinal Cupich or the Archdiocese have been taken down or deleted. And so on.

After the 11:00 and 12:30 Masses, I asked the representatives why Fr. Phillips had been “removed” as opposed to “suspended,” especially considering that only complaints had been officially acknowledged and the investigation by the Resurrectionists had not yet begun. As I remember it, I received two different answers from the first spokesman and a third answer from the second spokesman:

  1. The complaints and/or charges were very grave.
  2. Cardinal Cupich made the decision (that’s all the representative knew).
  3. This is standard procedure.
While a recent or active “inappropriate relationship” with a parishioner or parishioners would certainly be a serious matter and potential grounds for removal, classifying, pre-investigation, a complaint or even set of complaints not involving minors and not involving a breach of criminal or civil law as very grave, strikes one as a bit odd. And removal at this stage is not standard procedure, either as presented in the Archdiocese Handbook on Personnel or considered against the background of other recent cases in Chicago.

As far as I know, and according to the Handbook as I read it, even a priest accused of criminal molestation of a child is generally placed on administrative leave, at least pending the results of an investigation.

I have to say that, to me, the overall tone of the official statements as well as the unofficial talk is that whatever the results of the investigation, Fr. Phillips will not be coming back.

While the precise nature of the charges is still unclear, it’s fair to say that most parishioners have a difficult time believing that Fr. Phillips could be anything but innocent. Even on the logical possibility that there might be at least partial truth to the charges (and I suspect the hardheaded among us have considered the possibility), and whatever might or might not be said in public, many are viewing this as Cupich’s long-anticipated attempt to assert control over the Canons Regular and St. John Cantius itself with the eventual goal of shutting us down.

The Canons still have no official independent status and all members could be reassigned by the Archdiocese at any time, or the Canons Regular broken up or dissolved.

Whatever Cupich’s actual desires or intentions, I always believed we would be protected by the fact that an obvious move against Cantius would be perceived badly by the Chicago community – again, partly keeping in mind our status as a cultural institution. Forgive me, but I never thought it would happen this way. Now it seems like it was the most (or the only) logical way for it to happen.

There is an attack on the nuclear family. There is an attack on traditionalism. There's proof, and this could be another file in the evidence box.

A couple of comments on Fr. Z's blog about this event:

Quote:Father Phillips is one of the greatest priests in the United States who founded one of the most unique religious orders in the world, which by itself has rejuvenated the Catholic Church in Chicago. What is interesting is that it is well known that there are multiple homosexual priests in the Chicago archdiocese and I highly doubt they are all perfectly chaste and haven’t had “inappropriate” acts with other homosexuals without any public statements from Archbishop Cupich. So to publicly accuse a priest of inappropriate conduct which is not criminal (where Archbishop Cupich is all for homosexual relationships and pro-homosexual priests like Father Martin) smacks of calumny. At the very least this should have been privately investigated and only if Father Phillips was found guilty by a canonical court should this have been released. After all: 1. This was not against a minor and 2. It was not a crime whatever he is accused off. So what was the hurry in publicly shaming Father Phillips. Lowest form of vindictiveness by Archbishop Cupich trying to destroy the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius who are at the forefront of fighting for traditional values, for life, and for the family. The Canons should try their best now to move their religious order to Springfield, Illinois, where they already have a parish and where the great Bishop Paprocki is in charge. Otherwise, the vindictive Archbishop Cupich will destroy them within a matter of a couple years like he has already destroyed their founder’s reputation.


Fr. Phillips is kicked out, Fr. Pfleger is in good standing, and Fr. Martin is getting the red carpet laid down for him to waltz into this Archdiocese. Let that sink in…

Fr. Z's take on this:
Unfortunately I don't have any "fun facts" about me unless being a practicing Catholic counts.

Trying to get better every day week.
Many Traditional Catholics in the Archdiocese of Chicago were predicting serious problems for the SSJC as soon as Cupich took over. Some of the posts are still online.  All I can say to my friends in the Institute of Christ the King is that they're living in a fool's paradise if they don't believe they're next on the hitlist.
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